I have a project that has several lessons and a quiz. The lessons must all be completed before the quiz. I was looking for help with a menu that  would grey out or check mark each completed lesson and only show the quiz when all the lessons have been completed. I'm not sure how to do this. Would anyone have a sample menu they would be willing to share with me please?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ruby,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you would like to create with your project.

It sounds like you will need a custom menu to create the design needed. I wanted to share a link to an e-learning challenge to get you started with ideas and I look forward to hearing from others in the community as well.

60+ Inspirational Examples of Custom Menus in E-Learning #79

Jack Schofield

This is how I would create it, I'm sure others may have easier of quicker options. In this example the Learning must complete all the tabs/ visit all the slide layers before moving on

1. Remove "Player Trigger" Next Slide (you will need to create a custom next/continue button)

2. Create a custom next/complete button (custom or default)> in the timeline, select "States" change the Initial state to disable (you may have to edit the states and create a disabled state)- this will be disable until the learning completes a the desired task

3.Create slide layer buttons- these buttons must have a visitedstate (storyline will use this to determine if the button has been click or not

4. Now create a "New Trigger" Action:= Change state of, |On Object: =Next button/continue | To State: = Normal | When:= State | On= select all the button user needs to click before moving on.

5. Create a "New Trigger" Next button/Continue button, have it take the learner to the next slide/quiz

Hope this helps! (I added a Storyline (version 3) file with this setup as well


Ned Whiteley

Hi Ruby,

In the attached example, when you visit a section and return to the main menu, a check mark is placed against the appropriate button and the button no longer accesses that section. Once all four sections have been visited, the quiz becomes available. Once the quiz has been completed and you return to the main menu, the quiz can no longer be accessed and the Continue button appears.

Hope this gives you some ideas to work with.