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Oct 25, 2019

I am newer to articulate storyline and I am creating content for a mobile crane. I would like to have a menu style slide with several buttons. Each button would be a different component of the crane. When they click on a specific button I would like it to take them to several slides that teaches them more about that particular component. However, once they are finished the slides for one component I would like to set a trigger that they return to the "menu" so they are able to review other components. Right now I have it set up in one Scene that branches out. I am hoping there is an easier way to make this happen. Should I create a new scene for each component? Once they have reviewed all components I would like them to be able to select "next slide" and move on with the main slides. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Brittany,

I would set up the crane menu and all associated slides in Section 1 and then jump to the first slide in Section 2 once all the crane components have been visited.

In the attached example I have set up a menu that visits six different chapters and each one has a Main Menu button that returns the user to the Main Menu slide. Once a chapter has been visited, a check mark appears against it in the menu and the button no longer has the ability to take the user to that chapter. Once all six chapters have been visited, a Continue button appears, which then takes the user to Section 2.

Instead of the menu buttons, all you would need to do is to have an illustration of your crane with appropriate hot spots on it that act as the buttons. The way I have used the triggers and variables in the example should be transferable to your crane illustration menu system and enable you to set up the same functionality should you wish to do so.

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