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I've created a scrolling menu using a slider and multiple layers.  Four of the layers have multiple buttons that link to scenes withing the course.  After completing each scene, the course is supposed to return to the main menu, and to the layer just left, where the buttons indicate which scenes have been completed, and they may select another button and scene.  My problem is that while the menu saves the state (the button shows which scenes have been visited) the menu always returns to the layer selected as the first to appear on the slider.  Is there any way to return to the layer last visited on the slider?

Thanks for your help!

Guy Armstrong

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Guy Armstrong


Here’s the link again.

I have set the menu slide properties to “resumed saved state”, yet when it returns the menu slide it defaults to show the initial layer set on the slider, even though the slider position is saved. ???

Thanks, Guy

Guy Armstrong


Thanks for the positive feedback. I think you may be misunderstanding the issue I’m trying to fix..

On the main menu there are five pads – the Welcome pad in the middle and the four content pads to the left and right, each with buttons linking to scenes in the program.

The user can scroll to any of the content areas and click on a scene. Fine.

When the user is delivered back to the main menu, I want the content pad they just used to be front and center, not the Welcome pad.

Right now it always goes back to the Welcome pad, even though the slider bar stays on the position it was at.

Does this make sense? Can you see the issue I’m trying to resolve?

Here is the link to download the author file.

Thanks again for your help.

Guy Armstrong


Here’s what I’m seeing.

Here’s the main menu page with layers and scroll bar at bottom. Default on scroll bar is set to Welcome layer:

I scroll to one of the menu layers with buttons (Choice) and select one (History)

After the course plays that scene, it routes us back to the main menu, where it’s supposed to return to the saved state and the layer it last showed. But here’s what we see – the Welcome layer, not the Choice layer that we saw when we left the slide. The position of the scroll bar is saved, and if I scroll over to the Choice layer, it saves the visited state of the button. It doesn’t save what layer was last shown when we left the slide.

Here’s what we should see when we land back at the menu slide: the Choice layer showing the button state changed.

Hope this clarifies the issue and hope you can help me.



Deanna Brigman


It appears the issue is that you have a trigger that says Show Layer 00 DEGREES WELCOME when timeline starts. So it does that every time the user goes back to the menu slide. It is overriding the rest of the programming.

I was able to get the menu to function as you intended by adding a condition to that trigger. 

"If Slider7 is equal to 5.00"

It is a great menu concept!