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Sep 25, 2018

Good afternoon,

I have a training / course developed in storyline 360. In this training, we have more than 70 screen slides. This course is divided by modules, that is to say of these 70 screens, 10 are introductory screens and the others we can say that would be 6 modules of 10 screens each module, for this we created a menu for quick access, working as follows, of module 1 releases to go to module 2 and so on. So quiet, but my problem was that I needed to create a button on each screen and a layer on each screen as well, and I'm currently suffering from it, because if I have some adjustment in trigger or adjustment of text, I'll need change on all 70 screens. I would like to know how to create a button and layer (menu) in the master to be accessed from the common slides outside the master, remembering that I have a header image on the screens that is part of the Visual Identity (PIV), so this button needed to stay on top of the slides from the screens, it's currently getting underneath, how do you get it over?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Anderson.  Your slide master elements will lay "behind" the actual slide elements.  It sounds like you have slide elements that are showing over those master elements.  I'd like to see your design a bit more closely.  Can you share a screenshot, or better, your .story file for us to dig into?

The community will be happy to give you some specific guidance on how to tackle your design challenges!

Anderson Camargo Lopes

Actually Ashley and Leslie, this would be easy, but in some cases I insert images and videos on the slides, and in some cases it is a little bigger at the time, the way it is, the orange header getting on each screen I can speak for the image or video to be behind, already if I put the orange box in the master, I will not be able to do, so I would leave the menu button that is in the master, on top of all the content that may appear on the slide.

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