Menu tab not in the correct order


I have an issue at the moment with the order of the slides in the menu bar when previewing the entire project (this is also the same when publishing).

The first image is to show that in the story view everything is in the right order. The second image shows the order they're in during preview & publish.

I've gone through all the triggers to ensure they're correct, which they are, but I can't figure out if this is something I've done wrong somewhere or if it's the software.

Where would I start with troubleshooting this?

Also is there a way to physically move the viewing order of the scenes in the story view?


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Knut Jackowski


The order of menu entries can be changed inside the player properties.

The entries are generated when the slides are created, so when you change the order it does not automatically reflect that.

When you are inside the menu dialog, you can try to use "reset from story" to generate the menu in the order that is the current order in your course or you can manually rearrange them to your liking (even delete some from the menu, that you do not want to be accessed that way).

Hope that helps!