Menu Text Too Small

I've noticed that when browsing one of my courses in Chrome the menu text size is extremely small. I increased the size of the menu text (to 150%) in the player and republished. The results are the same. This appears to be a problem with HTML5. I don't experience this in the Articulate player. Is this an issue with anyone else? Is there a fix?

Thank you for your help here.

Rod Machado

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rod,

I have a hunch that this is related to your player settings. Can you provide a few more details about this project?

  • Are you using the classic gray player or the modern player
  • If you're using the classic player, is the player size setting set to "lock player at optimal size" or "scale player to fill browser window"?
  • What is your slide size?
Rod Machado

Greetings Alyssa:

I'm using the Classic Player in Storyline 2. My slide size is 1440 X 1080. I
have the browser set to "Resize browser to fill screen" and "Scale player to
fill browser window." Below is a screen shot of the course as displayed in

I sure do appreciate your assistance here, too.

Rod Machado

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Rod. Yikes, it looks like your signature came through instead of the attachment. This Peek video will show you how to edit it out if you'd like!

Could you click this link to open our conversation and use the Add Attachment button to include the screenshot in your reply? Additionally, does increasing the Player Text Size to 200% help?

Looking forward to having a look!

Katie Riggio

Hi again, Rod! On second thought.. 

I ran some tests, and if you need the slide size to be 1440 X 1080 you'll need to select Lock player at optimal size to prevent the menu from shrinking. This will lock the published course at its optimal size, which is the slide size plus additional width and height for the player frame. Even if learners resize their browsers, the course itself stays at its optimal size.

Let us know if that helps!

Rod Machado

Greetings Katie:
I do apologize for the delayed response (out of town) and for the accidental inclusion of my signature info from the "email" response. I can't seem to edit that out, either (no edit button shown here).

Regarding the "text size" issue, I've tried all different combinations of formatting (lock player, resize player and so on) along with changing the text size in the "color and effects" panel. No luck. The text still shows very small in the player when viewed on Chrome. Then again, when I change the text size and preview a slide in Storyline 2, the text is larger or smaller depending on the percentage I chose. 

Picture "Preview of Published Slide" is what happens when I lock the player at optimal size "or make any selection regarding browser size or scale."

Picture "Player properties Window2" shows the percentage of text size increase, which shows to be larger in the demo player to the right of the picture.

Picture "Preview of Slide in Storyline2" is what you see in Storyline when I "preview" the slide or course. The text is larger based 

Ultimately, nothing I seem to do will allow the text size to increase with a slide having dimensions of 1440 X 1080. 

Any suggestions on how I might solve this issue? I sure would appreciate it.

Rod Machado

Katie Riggio

Thanks for those handy visuals and for continuing the conversation, Rod! I really appreciate it. 🌟

Let's try this approach: Keep the Lock player at optimal size option >> Increase the Player Font Size to 200% >> View the Flash output. Here's a sample slide that holds all of those settings. Let me know what you think!

Since the player font size is a Flash-only feature in Storyline 2, the menu text in the HTML5 output will remain at the default 100%. Here's the HTML5 version of the same test slide.

Lastly, no worries about the signature on our end, just wanted to make sure you knew. 😊It could be that the reply was made under a different Articulate ID. If you sign in with that other email address, does the Edit option appear?

I'll be here!

Rod Machado

Greetings Katie:
Thank you for that quick reply. I looked at both slides you sent and both appear exactly the same to me (i.e., text size in the Menu is the same). So I published the course at 150% text size and without the "Include HTML5 output" selection (see attachment). The result? The text was indeed larger in the "flash only" content. Given that Flash is disappearing  and HTML5 is on the rise, is there a plan to allow HTML5 content to show larger text in larger slides?

I sure do appreciate your help here.


Katie Riggio

Happy to help, Rod!

Great question: Check out this discussion about what we're doing to prepare for the end of Flash! We're committed for a smooth transition and are excited about the improvements we've already made with HTML5 output.

I wanted to mention that the Adjust the player font size feature works with Storyline 360 and Storyline 3 HTML5 output. If you'd like to see first-hand, you can sign up for a free Articulate 360 trial here and Storyline 3 one here. We'll create a backup copy of your Storyline 2 files, so you can always continue to use them in this version. Our Sales team is happy to help answer any questions about upgrading, so don't hesitate to reach out to them directly here!

Thanks again, and I'm also here if you have any more questions! ☺️