Menu Titles not updating to match slide titles

I am revising an existing module in Storyline 1 and I did several find and replace for certain terms/phrases. The changes updated the slide titles correctly but they did not update the associated menu titles for each slide.  Do you know how I can fix this short of going in to change each page's menu title separately? The attachment gives an example - the area with the green rectangle should match the slide title. Thanks!

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Clarke Griffith

Thanks so much Emily.
I had assumed that whenever the slide title was changed, the menu title would update as well but it sounds like I will need to manually update the menu titles.
Hello Clarke,
I did a quick test and using Find/Replace did update all the words on the slide. When you say menu titles, do you mean in the Player Menu? These will not update using the find/replace. This feature searches the slide content and notes in the course

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