Migration from Powerpoint Engage to Storyline 3 to html5 published

Nov 15, 2017

Hi there,

Today I've received a training that need to be migrated into SL3 then published  for HTML5.

This training has been done in Powerpoint and Engage then ported onto SL2.  We've received the package in SL2 format.

When publishing in html5, slides with Engage interactions still asks for Flash. Since we've received the migrated SL2 files with the Engage interactions inside, there is little I can do in SL3 to force the Engage interactions to render in HTML5... Or I am blinded.

There must be steps required before converting the PPT to SL2 that will make these Engage interactions render into html5.

We don't have Engage. These steps will need to be done by the client. The training is date from 2011.

Came over : https://articulate.com/support/article/how-to-distribute-articulate-engage-content-for-flash-html5-and-articulate-mobile-player

From my understanding it will need to be process before SL's Powerpoint importation. 

Tips, cues, comments are all welcome!




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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Rich!

Well, that's certainly frustrating, but I appreciate you sharing your testing. I would expect this to work in HTML5 once you published in SL3.

Can you verify that you are up-to-date on the latest Storyline 3 build, which is Build 3.2.13213.0, and you can read all the details here. It looks like we may have had a minor fix, not listed in the documentation, in Update 2.

Let me know if you need me to take a look at your file :)

Richard Lorrain

Good day Leslie,

We've founded the solution. We had Studio 13 (I didn't even know) and we've been procceding as per the link above. We've been submitting our proof of concept. So far so good.

Are you telling me we could migrate directly into SL3 and work the Engage inside for HTML5 compatibility?

Thanks again for support!


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rich,

So, I'm understanding that you just need a way for your Engage '13 content to play well in HTML5, is that correct?

It sounds like you may have Studio '13, Storyline 2 and Storyline 3?

Here are all of your options:

  • Presenter '13, but Engage limitations will come into play and you can check those out here.
  • Does not work well with Storyline 2 when importing as you can see here, but you could set them up as a web object.
  • Storyline 3

I hope that helps :)


Richard Lorrain

Hey Leslie, 

Correct, we have Engage '13, SL2 and SL3. We are not developing Engage anymore, we are on SL3 for our in-house productions.

As far as this exception project, we've been on the hunt for the source files. We found out those are Engage '09... Our client is actually retrieving the training from their production team and it will soon be on my desk. They tried to simplify the delivery by including everything in an SL2 which unfortunately wasn't the ideal bundle.

Once we have the source files, I will take, if need be, the time to offer more proof of concept to our PO and SM for the migration process. I heard from the grapevine, if successful, we will be migrating a couple of project like this one. It is then a urgency to streamline the process and put the lesser resources possible in order to get it out!

Thanks you again for support! 

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