Mimicing background slide dimming

Mar 27, 2013


I need to handle a situation where a layer needs to have the ability to have even additional information pop-up on it through the clicking of a link. My solution is to have it jump to a NEW slide that I've mocked up to look like a layer. 

With me so far?

This is going to work great - except for an issue I'm having in mimicing the "dimming" of a non selected layer. I'm tossing a shape over the slide in general, filling it with gray, and messing with the transparency. But for the life of me I can't quite match the color of an actual dim.

Anyone got any ideas what the hex value and transparency of a normal dim is?

Thanks ahead of time!

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Carlos Rubinstein

Hi Jaime,

1. Make the elements of your slide-to-be-Lightboxed substantially bigger than those in your standard slide layout, including changing the slide background, etc. That may take care of the "light on info" issue.

2. Return to a layer:

  • On the content slide, 
  1. Add a "Show Layer" trigger set to timeline start of the slide, using a condition to check a true/false variable (default: "false") 
  2. Set Base layer properties to always reset to initial state.
  3. On the layer that triggers the lightbox, make sure "pause timeline of base layer" is checked (in case you have animation/audio on the base layer)
  • On the lightboxed slide, set the variable to "true" at timeline start.

This way, when the lightbox disappears, the slide will replay, seeing your (now true) variable and jumping back to the layer

Hope this helps.


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