Minimum Storyline 360 Story Size

Mar 12, 2020

I have created a SL 360 file to mimic the look of a RISE scenario (because I want to add a 2nd background in my RISE course).  I'm wondering if there's a minimum story dimension I need to be aware of.  I've created it as 870x300, but I cannot preview or publish the file (it crashes and asks if I want to send an error message report).

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Ren Gomez

Hi Karen,

I'm sorry you're running into issues previewing/publishing your file! I'm enlisting the help of our support engineers to test your file and see if we can find the root of the problem!

Once they review the file, they'll reach out with additional questions or next steps!

Thanks for lending a hand, Seth! Hopefully this helps Karen out as well.

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