Missing Finish Button in Rise and Storyline 360

Aug 30, 2017

Our company is moving to e-learning for the first time and are starting to upload our SCORM content into our ERP (which we are using instead of an LMS). We can get a course to launch however, it will not report/track to our system that the course was completed or a quiz result. I've been working with our IT person and he says there is a course finish missing in the code. How do I add this to my slides in storyline or on a rise course. I've added an exit course button however that is not what's missing. I've got the code below if that helps anyone.

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maggie,

Storyline and Rise output is supported in Learning Management Systems (LMS) that are SCORM, AICC or Tin Can API compliant. You can read a bit more about viewing and tracking Storyline content in an LMS here. 

Hopefully someone in the community has implemented a similar set up using an ERP and is able to share here with you! 

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