Missing Fonts

Does anyone have any pointers on finding a font in my course? I started at slide 1 and selected every bit of text throughout, but I'm still getting this message.

To any developers reading this: please add a tool to the Missing Fonts dialog that either allows me to replace them with a different font or at least locate them.

Also, that link at the bottom that says "Learn more about fonts" generates a 404.

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Karen Siugzda


I'm using SL3 and do not see a replace fonts feature. Also, I need to find each instance of the missing font so I can ensure it's swapping out with the correct character. I don't want to do a blind "replace all at once" since I'm using an icon font and need to ensure it swaps in the correct icon in each instance.

Please advise how to step through finding each instance of a missing font in SL3.




Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Karen!

From your screenshot, it looks like you're in Story View. Double-click one of the slides, and you should see the Replace Fonts option on the Home tab. 

While there isn't a way to find where specific fonts were used in a course, the Replace Fonts feature will replace all instances of that font. 

It sounds like a "Find Fonts" feature would be helpful for you, so I'll suggest that to our team! 

Mark Ramsey

Every since we went to Storyline 3, when we open a course it always asks for "Gotham Light". 

We contracted with an Indian firm to do some work for us, and when we got back the  SL code for 5 projects, they all asked for "Arial Unicode MS".

Are these font requests part of the distribution packages for various regions?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Susan!

As long as you find/replace the fonts listed, then you shouldn't see an error again. 

Since you're still seeing the error popup, would you mind sharing your file with our Support Engineers? They'll take a deeper dive into the file and share their findings. 

Please use this link to share your file.

Ren Gomez

Hi Bill,

While we currently don't have plans in our roadmap for a font search, I'd be happy to pass your thoughts on to our product team, but you can also feel free to detail them more through a feature request

In the meantime, using the method my teammate, Alyssa, shared above should help ensure you replace any fonts you don't need!