Missing Guide Line

Jul 16, 2013

It seems as if I have 'misplaced' my Horizontal guile line. The Vertical one is working just fine. I have tried CTRL and dragging from either the top or bottom of the work screen however no luck anyone have any ideas?



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi John,

Welcome to the community.

I just did a quick test, and I THINK I may have a solution. Here's how it worked.

  • I was viewing a slide at a zoom of about 70 or 80% (the zoom percentage is displayed in the bottom right of the screen.
  • I moved the horizontal guide totally off the screen by dragging down (oot-oh).


  • Then I zoomed out to 50%...and there it was...offstage, below the slide.
  • Dragged it back up and all's well.

Let us know if that works or shout out if you need more help.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hey John,

hmmm. that IS odd. I've now dragged both my H and V all the way off the screen and zoomed all the way out. At that point, I can see both guides and I canNOT drag them off any further. Here's a screen shot. Note that I collapsed the timeline also:

The other thing: guides are specific to a story file. So, if you start a fresh file and import your story into that you should be good to go. Shout out again with how this goes for you!

Bruce Graham

Just as an addition to this...are you aware that if you mouse-over the Guidelines until you get the "+" or "-" figures, then press CTRL then drag, you get a duplicate?

This way you can set up dozens per slide to allow for images etc. to be placed correctly. Also...moving them with drag while holding "Alt" down seems to allow more sensitivity.

Of course...al this is moot is you do not have them.


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Angie!  Let's get guides back on your slides!  😊 If you enable the ruler using the view tab, you can double click on the ruler where you want your guide to appear, and you'll get a new one.

When you drag a guide off the slide, it will disappear.  Let me know if creating a new one will work for you!