Missing Guide Lines

Aug 11, 2022

Before I start I must say I am amazed at the friendliness and helpful attitude of you E-Learning Heros. Not blowing smoke or setting you up for an outrageous request, just ... something I thought needed to be said. So, on with the show.

Another newbie question: how do I add a guide line? I had the one verticle and horizontal guides, suddenly had two of each. Huh? I wanted a guide on the very left margin so I dragged one there ... and it disappeared. Same with second one. Whoops: no verticle guides at all. Is there a way to add a verticle guide? 

Thanks, Greg

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Greg.

Thank you for reaching out! 

I'm happy you're finding value in the community and that you shared that feeling with us! 

It looks like you found the answer to your question from a post by my colleague Alyssa. I'm sharing the link below for anyone else who might reach this discussion with the same question as you initially had:

If this is not the one you found, would you also share it here for others?

Gregory Bissky

Thank you Maria. My trouble is I've got 68 years of experience being a
typical man who doesn't need instructions or help. In part because I've
worked freelance since 1990, and part because - no one believes me - I am

I'm starting to see that E-Learning heroes (and Articulate) are different.
Maybe I'm not too old to change.