Missing Objects from layers and menus In Storyline 2

Hi all,

I don't know if anyone else gets this problem, Just an annoyance that i would like solved.

Although all the objects (shapes, hotboxes, captions etc.) are in the program as I edit, when I export or preview the storyline the slide layers may be missing some objects. In addition to this the menu sometimes does not display some of my slides.

When this happens if I go to storyview and copy all the slides from one scene to a new scene, it solves the problem for all the slides in that scene.


My storyline slides have many objects inside and have a fair few layers. I Tend not to have many slides, max 6 or so. Each slide has a .FLV video but the layers tend to be basic overlays. 

I use storyline on an above average laptop and a behemouth powerful PC and I get this problem fairly often on both.

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