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Joseph Dowdy

Wow, Wendy, thanks for that link, but I am completely shocked that Articulate would recommend turning off UAC. That is just horrific. From a security standpoint, you should NEVER turn off UAC. If you have to have UAC turned off in order to install or uninstall then you've got a virus and it should not be ignored. Installation should work with UAC according to Microsoft and it's designed to be that way. Unbelievable!!!!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Joseph,

Glad you were able to get it sorted. I did want to pop in about turning off the UAC. UAC is a security feature of Windows which helps prevent unauthorized changes to your computer. These changes can be initiated by applications, viruses or other users. Storyline (and other Articulate software) need to be installed with administrator privileges, so turning off that control allows the changes and installation to occur without any false positive about the program. 

Joseph Dowdy

Hi Ashley,

I have done computer support (1st, 2nd and 3rd level support) for Metropolitan Water District (of LA), Southern California Edison and literally dozens of other multi-million dollar companies even though that was some time ago.

Recently I completed an e-learning assignment with a really huge software company (sorry but I can't name any names on this one) to bring 3rd level support expertise to VARs and this topic came up about turning off UAC and they told me how they had at one time recommended it to customers and it caused a LOT of liability on their part and so they had to abandon giving that advice. They realized how problematic it became but only in hindsight.

I read what you wrote Ashley, but there is no logical or sound defense of turning it off. If you can't install with UAC then you have a bigger problem.