Missing slides in a published project

May 20, 2012


I have downloaded the full trial version of Storyline. I have a project that is 20 slides. When I publish and upload on our LMS only 10 slides are there. Can anyone tell me why?

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Simon Perkins

Karen, what happens when you preview your course?  I'd expect it to play the same as when published (except for launching external links etc).  Hence +1 for checking if your slides are correctly linked/accessible.

Small Tip: during production, I often include every slide in the Side Menu so they can all at least be accessed and tested in some way.  As production moves away from Sign Off and into beta, I tend to revert to how it will look when live.  

Simon Perkins

Karen Torres said:

The slides are there, but they do not display in the menu. How do I display all the slides in the menu? thanks for your help

Each slide has its own properties for showing Menu, Glossary, etc.  

In Story View, click "Player features > Custom for the selected slides" and check "Menu" for those that you want included.  You can access the same box by clicking the gear icon (bottom right) of base layer in Slide View.