Missing "Submit Results" trigger in Results Slide Template in SL360 (Inspire template)

Oct 19, 2017

I've spent pretty much a day trying to figure out why my course was not completing.  I tried numerous versions, even created a new quiz to figure out if it was our LMS or my course, and then I finally noticed that when I used the generic results slide it worked.  Please check your templates!  I used the Inspire Quiz Results template, and it did not have a submit results trigger.  I am fairly new at this, so I had no idea where to begin looking for my problem.  You may also want to add an Exit Course trigger as a standard on these templates, instead of jump to next slide since this is probably the last slide of most courses.

I have submitted a case, but I just wanted to post here to make sure no one else runs into this issue (a beginner like me :-)  )

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