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Mark C

Thank you Justin.

I have done that previously and  the problem is still there.

It is strange that it doesn't always happen either. I can't seem to replicate it.

I also have noticed that it is happening on two different computers that both have storyline installed (difference licences and user).

Tyler Balding


I am having a somewhat similar problem, although the text only disappears from the very last slide after it is published, and only when I view it in SCORM cloud. When I view the HTML file locally, the text is there, and the text is still in the storyline file. I am working from my local drive, and I have already tried importing the scenes into a new file, and it didn't work. I am publishing for SCORM 2004, Complete/Incompleted, Tracking by quiz score. I have published this same file in several other different languages with no issue. Please help.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for confirming which browser. I took a look at your file and gave it a test as well. I tried the file as is, and then using that last slide in it's own file as well. The slide in it's own file worked just fine uploaded to SCORM Cloud and I also put it up at Articulate 360 as a comparison.  

I then tried importing that single version of the slide back into your project and published that one again to SCORM Cloud and Articulate 360. Oddly enough the Articulate 360 one shows the text although the SCORM Cloud version is still not showing it. This leads me to believe there is something overall with the file and that particular slide. You mentioned importing it into a new file - did you try rebuilding that last slide from scratch?  Is SCORM Cloud your final LMS destination? If not, I'd also be curious to know if the file works normally on your LMS. Could you also try publishing it to Articulate 360 Review? The course opened for me in Storyline 360 without a warning so I presumed that is what you were using. 

Also, for note - I didn't have nearly any of the fonts you had used, so things will look a little wonky if viewing those versions of your courses. 

Tyler Balding

Hi Ashley, 

SCORM cloud is not the file destination. It will be our client's LMS, and I just wanted to try to make sure all was well before sending it to them. 

Yes, this file was originally built in Storyline 2, but had already been upgraded to 360. I can try publishing it to 360 for review, although I am not sure if I know how to rebuild the slide. I don't speak Swedish, this was done by our translators. Would copy/pasting each element of the slide work or would that bring about the same issues if there are any existing?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tyler, 

To rebuild it you'd look at inserting in all those elements onto a brand new slide. I'd look at either a fresh insert of the assets and as far as the text itself you could look at first copying/pasting it into a Notepad type of document - that'll remove any formatting that could be playing a role here and ensure you'll get a fresh copy of just text into your course vs. whatever is causing the wonky behavior in the Storyline slide.