Mobile app full screen mode-image quality loss

Jan 30, 2013


My course slide size is 4:3 and the background image.jpg that I brought into Storyline is 1024x768 72dpi. 

I also increased the publishing compression image settings to the highest quality output. 

Even though my original JPEG is 1024x768,  when the app is pushed to full-screen on the iPad,  the background image looks blurry and a lower quality. I even tried doubling the pixel dimensions of the JPEG to 2048 x 1536 @72dpi, but that does not work either. 

Then I noticed that my background image.jpg that Storyline publishes out into the "mobile" folder package, gets decreased to 720 x 540? I figure this must be the reason for the loss of quality in the background image.

Is there any way to keep your background Image at the original resolution so it looks clear and crisp when pushed full-screen in the app?

Thanks for your time, much appreciated!


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David Osborne

Hi Sam,

I am doing a lot of testing around the quality of the output on the iPad using the Mobile Player. Although I have not found the perfect setting yet (my fonts seem very grainy), I have tested your exact scenario and have an answer.

The default Story Size in Storyline is 720x540 therefore when you publish, Storyline scales your full page graphic down to that pixel size. However, if you change the Story Size under the Design tab (the button is on the top left of the screen after clicking the design tab) to 1024x768 then when you publish your graphic will be published at it's full size .ie. 1024x768 as Storyline won't need to scale it.

Hope this helps....good luck.


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