Mobile app not launching? 360 courses not playing/crashing on iPad

Oct 07, 2017

For whatever reason my Storyline 360 courses are crashing and are barely functional on iPad now.  There's supposedly a fix in the works that may or may not be available soon.  In the meantime, I want to offer using the mobile app.  Although I doubt the client will allow it, I need options.

So when I export the course to launch the app, it doesn't.  It still loads as if I didn't select the Mobile app option when publishing.  The only way I got the app to load is if I ran applauncher.html vs story.html.  Wasn't story.html supposed to sniff this out and play the app if selected.  Is this a bug?

BTW, I came across this statement. Which currently isn't true.
Should I include Articulate Mobile Player output when publishing Storyline 360 courses? Storyline 360’s superior HTML5 output and new responsive player give learners the best viewing experience on tablets and smartphones, making Articulate Mobile Player (AMP) output unnecessary, unless learners need to download content for offline viewing or your course includes FLV videos with alpha-channel transparency, both of which are supported in AMP.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, CK1.  I tested newly published Storyline 3 and 360 files to check on the loading of Articulate Mobile Player.  It prompted me to install AMP as expected, and it opened successfully in AMP on my iPad mini using just the normal .html URL to launch.

  • Can you confirm that you have the AMP option checked when you click on the Publish format?


  • Can you also let me know what type of iPad you're using and the iOS version?  I want to be sure to test in the right environment!

Thanks, CK1.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for that info, CK1.  We tested my output on another older iPad running iOS 9.3.5, and it launched Articulate Mobile Player as expected.  

Can you test my output here on your iPad and let me know if it prompts Articulate Mobile Player for you?  It should initially open in the browser and then give you a prompt at the top to either go to the Apple store to install AMP, or to Open in AMP.
Disclaimer: the audio in scene two was just for testing, so forgive my "blah blahs." 🙂

Can you attach the .story file of the course that won't open in AMP in this discussion?  If you need to keep it private, feel free to share it here.

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