Mobile Browser - large player box surrounding SCORM content?

Hi everyone

I'm trying to improve the usability for our users when visiting the content via a mobile browser.  Whilst the content "works" ok, there is a huge space between the top of the player and the actual content it contains.  Same with the bottom of the player, meaning you have to scroll down the page to find the controls everytime you want to move on.

I've attached an image to show you what I mean.  Am I missing something obvious?


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Crystal Horn

Hey Ed.  It looks like your Storyline content is framed by another website's interface.  If it's your LMS environment, can you adjust the setting to launch the course in a new window so that it benefits from the full browser screen?

Also, while the player is responsive, your content will remain as you designed it.  This means it won't be stretched or distorted to fill the available screen space.  Just by looking at the image, the slide looks like it might be in a 16x9 ratio, which will always be wider than it is tall.

Let me know what you think!

Crystal Horn

I agree that the player is expanding to fill the frame of the website.  It looks like you're using the Classic Player.  You can adjust the player settings and choose to "lock player at optimal" size.  See if that reduces the amount of black space above and below when the course is launched in that frame.

Randy Hill

Ed, if I am looking at that picture correctly, that is a typical view for a mobile browser. Your course is fitting to the width of your iframe. It is a 16x9 course so the only way to get more to show is to turn the device to landscape. However I would check your iframe settings or your LMS course player settings. In portrait view on a mobile device however, the player controls will always be at the bottom, you just have to scroll the url bar up and out of the way to see them. 


Hi both

Thanks for coming back to me on this.  I have tried this in landscape mode, but there is still a HUGE amount of player space between the actual content and the next buttons.  So I get that a user might need to scroll slightly down to see them - but it's like...a seriously long way down! Haha.

Also, I have tried the Modern player style instead, but 

I've attached an example of the Modern player in both portrait and landscape modes - still a huge space?




Thanks Crystal, the video you provided was useful.

I guess I was just curious as to why the player fills the space, rather than simply wrapping the content - or at least, if it does fill the space, then the controls should at least be next to the content, not all the way at the bottom?

Yes, I may need to move back to the classic player, but the near function of the transcript and how it moves across without hampering the learning content is great thing of the mordern player.