Mobile Issues with server?

So I have been talking with articulate support, and while they have been helpful it is taking quite a bit of time to resolve my issue with back and forth emails, so I figure in the meantime I will put it out here for everyone to ponder. I have been working on a project that we want to work with mobile, but for whatever reason I upload it to our server and then on the computer the web address is functional, but then using the same address on the mobile device leads to an error. All the files are there in server, but nothing appears. Support couldn't replicate from their server and I gave them the published file. I uploaded the same folder to our server and nothing. So does anyone know of any problem or steps I may be missing in the upload?  All mobile boxes are checked. Or is it a possible server issue and if so any ideas?

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Peter Anderson

Hey Mark!

A few suggestions:

Beyond that, I'm confident the support team can get this resolved. 

Good luck!

Mark Pickart

Oddly enough it is the server. I uploaded it to my personal server and it at least recognized the file and opened it is however not loading very well and even when it does load it plays choppy. It has frozen on more than one occasion. Everything looks super good when it loads and plays right. I want this to seem like a game almost with several things to click or tap on. Is this a case of too much going on?