Mobile tracking of html5 storyline content with Moodle

Apr 08, 2014

Hello, I have an issue about tracking scorm objects on mobile. I have read many posts around without finding any solution. I made some contents using Articulate Storyline, I want them to be visible on mobile devices (iphone and ipad) and tracked in Moodle (2.6). Anyone can explain me if is possible and how to do?

If I create "normal" scorm packages (even publishing from articulate with "html5 export" checked) and upload them in Moodle I can't see anything (scorm oblects load without end and nothing is show)...

Later I succeed in VIEWING contents (just upload content to web server and in Moodle I served links to story.html, for iphone, and launch_ios.html, for ipad ), but of course, as I didn't use scorm activity but only a simple link to an external file, I had not any kind of tracking of the contents.

For ipad I think I understand the only way is to export to for articulate mobile application and use tin can api, thing that cut off Moodle as it doesn't have tincan api tracking (yet, I hope).

But for html5? I think is correct to say that for smartphones it's necessary to pick html5 file of the content (that, in fact is properly viewed by mobile device) but how to tell LMS (and Moodle in particular) to take html it when it is inside the zip file of scorm object? I mean, you say to publish contents for mobile by serving link to html... ok, I can serve as activity a link to a story.html but this means I can't track them: in Moodle you can't point to a specific file inside a zip and if you don't use zip you can't use scorm acticity module.

So, how to make Moodle track scorm objects on mobile devices? And, first of all, html5 support scorm tracking?

Is there someone who wants to make things clearer?

Thank you! and sorry for the bad english.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helen and welcome to Heroes!

Sorry to hear about the behavior you're experiencing, although it sounds like you're doing everything correctly in terms of publishing for HTML5. When you access the course using the link through module on your desktop does the course open, or are you only having difficulty while viewing the course on your iPhone or iPad? You'll also want to make sure you're using Mobile Safari as your browser, and I know sometimes when testing LMS published courses, they load in a new window or tab - so you'll want to check for that too. 

Here is some general information on publishing and how to view on your iPad or HTML5 that may assist you. 

Helen Moares

Hi Ashley and thank you for your reply!

I've read that document many times, but i'll take a look again.

Well, yes I'm usign mobile safari on iphone. But I think real question is this one: in Moodle the only way to provide to users a link to a file (like a story.html) is to use URL module or using File module and pointing to a file, BUT that means that you will have no SCORM tracking, as only SCORM module (and not URL or FILE module/activities) can provide a tracking. At the same time SCORM module doesn't allow to point a specific file, like a story.html, because must be in zip format. So, what to do?

What your document says is for me a little strange and it's not working for me, because assumes that a tracking would be provided by a browser using html5. Is that correct? If it is correct I would have only a problem of viewing content on browser but it would be a different issue I suppose. So, I write again what I'm doing:

1) I have a scorm content, I export it for LMS, checking html5 option

2) I don't zip it, as I do for desktop scorms, but I take it and upload in a folder of my server

3) In Moodle a provide the link to that story.html

What happens: browser can find the file, understand it must look for story_html5.html and start loading but I don't see anything and loading has no end.

Is that procedure right?

Sharon Probets

Hi Helen

I upload the scorm zip file in the usual way, having checked the html5 option at the publishing stage.  I can open and play the content on iphone and ipad BUT what I can't do is get the activity and/or completion to report back and record in the learner's file on Moodle. 

My understanding is that while android devices will happily report back via scorm, apple devices will only report back via Tin Can.

But happy for someone to explain how to get apple devices to report back via scorm

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helen, Sharon and Frank,

I don't know enough about Moodle's settings and how you share files to speak directly to the steps within Moodle but I do know plenty of users here load their courses into Moodle as SCORM (not Tin Can) and can access it on the iPhone or iPad using mobile Safari and are able to receive results of their course. I found a video tutorial on how to upload Storyline into Moodle, and it may differ based on which version of Moodle you're using, but this should help you check the steps you're going through. 

The iPad or iPhone should report back using HTML5 and SCORM, and if you would like to use the Mobile Player app, you'll need to publish for Tin Can and use an LMS that supports Tin Can as well. We don't officially support Android devices, so if it's not tracking or opening there, it's not something I'll be able to offer advice on. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helen,

I realize the tutorial doesn't deal with HTML5, but you'll publish for html5 within Storyline, and I haven't heard anyone share that there are different steps for how you upload in Moodle if your course will be deployed for mobile or not (granted, I'm not well versed in the specifics of Moodle). Have you checked in with Moodle to see if there are specific steps you need to follow for accessing the course from your iPad or iPhone? 

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