SCORM 1.2 course returns an empty string in Moodle

Jun 11, 2016

SCORM 1.2 course can't pass score (cmi.core.score.raw) to Moodle LMS on mobile devices only. It returns an empty string in Moodle.

I have developed a sample test file in Articulate Storyline 2 and published it as SCORM 1.2 which don't seem to trigger the right function call ( LMSSetValue cmi.core.score.raw ) in Moodle LMS.

In order to pass the score value to Moodle, i used the following JS code in a trigger on timeline start at end of course :

/*Get player to reference*/

var player = GetPlayer();

/*get LMS API*/

var lmsAPI = parent;

/*set score; the first number is the score*/

lmsAPI.SetScore(player.GetVar("14543GameScore"), 100, 0);

/*set status; possible values: "completed","incomplete", "failed", "passed"*/

if (player.GetVar("14543GameScore")>= player.GetVar("14543PassingPercentage"))

I published it as SCORM 1.2 course with following settings :

Report Status to LMS : Passed / Failed
Track using number of slides viewed
Include HTML5 output (for mobile devices)

After uploading it to Moodle as SCORM 1.2 package, it can't pass score value and status to Moodle on mobile devices only.
But same course passes score and status to Moodle on desktop.

So, i tested it on SCORM Cloud and Blackboard LMS to identify any issue with my course. To my surprise, it can easily pass score and status to SCORM Cloud and Balckboard on mobile devices as well as desktop.

I have tested with Moodle 2.6.5 and 3.1 with debugging and API Activity Log enabled.
I noticed in the log it can't trigger the right function call, i.e. LMSSetValue (cmi.core.score.raw, min and max) on mobile devices.

I have also attached the Articulate Storyline 2 course file (.story) , published output as SCORM 1.2 and Moodle API Activity Log.

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Abhishek Roy

Reports page from Moodle:

It can pass the status in both desktop and mobile devices. But couldn't pass the score from mobile.

in the red box above, the student has taken the test from mobile device and actually passed the test. but the score couldn't be passed to Moodle.

in the yellow box above, the student has taken the test from desktop and passed the test. the score also got passed to Moodle.

Steve Flowers

There are lots of good reasons to use a custom JS call. I do this pretty often because it's more  flexible (and sometimes more reliable) than the built-in methods. It does work consistently if the calls are configured. When using the JS call, you're calling the exact same functions that the Storyline player uses.

Here's the thing. Don't use onBWEvent();. This is only called by the Flash-based player. It works great if you're only using Flash but if you want it to work across platforms, you'll want to use SetScore();

var player = GetPlayer();
var Score = player.GetVar(“ScorePercent”)
var lmsAPI = parent;
lmsAPI.SetScore(Score, 100, 0); //second parameter is max, second is min scaled

More here:



Abhishek Roy

Steve :you are a true hero. really appreciate your help.


will the above code work in Moodle LMS (2.6.5) in html5 as well as flash?

some users are accessing the course from mobile devices and some of them from desktop. 

so, i need to work in both flash and html5.both on desktop and mobile.


i have to test your new code.  

Abhishek Roy

var player = GetPlayer();
var Score = player.GetVar(“ScorePercent”)
var lmsAPI = parent;
lmsAPI.SetScore(Score, 100, 0); //second parameter is max, second is min scaled


in the above code where should i set my score variable called percent

is there any way to pass both completion status and score to lms in scorm 1.2?


i can publish it in scorm 2004 if the above js code works in scorm 2004. will it work in scorm 2004? scorm 2004 passes score and ccompletion status at same time.  so i want to use it. 

Abhishek Roy

one last thing. 


where do i add this line in code? sorry, i don't know how to add or remove lines.


can you send me code once more by adding the line for status? 

also,  how can i do this : "You'll want to suppress Storyline's submission behavior so SL doesn't overwrite your score." ? 


and how do i learn to make this custom js calls? any resource will be appreciated. 

thank you so much for your time and help. 

Abhishek Roy

Steve : can you please take a look at my story file (named :Mixed_MCQ_Click...) i attached in the original post (1st) ?

i replaced the old flash based js code (on bw event) with your new code above. but it seems it's creating some sort of issue with other js code maybe in the file (like the code to get student name).

whenever i'm using your new code in my story file, the other js code for example Get Student Name isn't working anymore. Moreover, it couldn't pass the score also with new code.

Is it interfering with existing js code ?

but if use my old js code (on bw event) keeping the original file unchanged, both the get student name and pass score is working fine.(name :

the Get Student Name js code is the 1st slide. and the code to pass score is on the last slide.

Abhishek Roy

also, i used your new code replacing the number variable with mine called percent as follows :

var player = GetPlayer();
var percent = player.GetVar(“percent”)
var lmsAPI = parent;
lmsAPI.SetScore(percent, 100, 0); //second parameter is max, second is min scaled

though it's passing status, the score is showing unknown in SCORM Cloud. i tested it on a new file . in a blank slide.

i have attached both the original course and new test file  with a blank slide.

Abhishek Roy

the previous code (onBW event) couldn't pass score and status neither to Moodle LMS nor to Scorm Cloud from mobile devices (both android and iOS).

now i'm facing another problem with new code (below) :

the course is passing score and status to Scorm Cloud both from desktop and mobile.

but same course when launched from Moodle (2.6.5) in mobile, can't pass score and status to LMS .it's showing score : 0 and status : incomplete . i have tested on 3 different Moodle installations. 2.6 , 2.7 .

it can however  pass the status and score to LMS on desktop.

it can't pass the score and status to LMS on mobile.

i have tested all the browsers : chrome , firefox, safari. both old and recent version.

i am totally confused now.

please help me out.

i really need to solve this.

i have attached the story file . the js code is on last 2 slides. result slide.

here is the code i'm using :

var player=GetPlayer();
var score=player.GetVar("percent");
var lmsAPI = parent;
lmsAPI.SetScore(score, 100, 0);

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