Modern Player - too much surround spacing

Jan 18, 2022

I am using the modern player in SL360. In the Player, small thumbnail image the slides look fine but when I preview/publish, there is tons of extra spacing surrounding the content area. I am attaching an image to show what I mean. In the different device previews this does scale but I think it looks bad in the desktop monitor view (tablet is nice and tight). Does anyone know how to make the content area tighter, removing all this black. This happens whether the menu is active or not.

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Veronica Budnikas

Hi Vanessa,

I don't have an good answer for this, though you could play with the Other settings in the Player Properties to see if you get a better result:

I would love it if someone in the know chimed in here as I also struggle with this and often just end up using the Classic player (as I also almost always create my own), as it allows you to set it like this:

I'm sure there's an easy way to resolve or at least improve this, hopefully someone will know!