Modern Player - line spacing for menu items

Is there any chance to change (decrease) the space between the menu entries? The "line spacing" in the modern player is very generous and a lot of scrolling is necessary with the modern player where no scrolling is needed with the classic player. Don't get me wrong: the modern player ist most welcome! But this issue is one of the very few things I have problems with.


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Rob Ransom

I'm putting together recommendations on whether to use the Classic or Modern Player - seems like a no brainer, right? But the line spacing in between Menu items in the Modern Player is much too big and makes the Modern Player a poor choice for many applications that have complex menus. Its nice you can reduce the font size, but that doesn't help.

I get that you are probably trying to allow for fat fingers on a tablet, but it would seem a valuable feature to at least have an option for single spacing and double spacing. Please tell me it's on the new feature list!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Rob!

I understand what you're saying about the line spacing in the Modern Player! Changing the line spacing is not on our roadmap as we continue toward complying with WCAG standards.

The line spacing in the Modern Player is formatted to comply with one standard that focuses on target size.

The intent of this success criteria is to ensure that target sizes are large enough for users to easily activate them, even if the user is accessing content on a small handheld touch screen device, has limited dexterity, or has trouble activating small targets for other reasons. 

If you have any questions, please let me know. I'm happy to help!