Extra spacing under menu item with submenu

Dec 12, 2013

I am having problems with extra spacing appearing after menu items  which have a sub menu. Also a dividing line appears. I can hide the dividing line by making it the same colour as the background, but how do I either remove the line altogether and/or change the spacing between menu items? I can't find anything about cell padding anywhere in the settings.

Also, being able to specify the size of the font for the menu items would be extremely useful.

Screenshot attached... 

I have storyline version update 3: 1305.2012

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tracy and welcome to Heroes!

As Dennis mentioned, you can't change the font size - but you're welcome to request it as a feature. 

As for the extra space, it seems to be the default option when there are items in a sub menu and that menu is collapsed. Again, if you'd like to see support for more formatting in the menu, the best route it to send along our feature request to our development team. 

Sharon Lam

Dennis Hall said:

Hi Tracy:

Here is an example of using the default Articulate font in a menu in SL: http://www.products-and-services.ca/courses/demo/story.html

Notice the Sub menu items do not have extra spacing.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Dennis, how can you move the Resource and Glossary as a separated button AND create the narration script box on the right side??

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tracy,

I see that a reply went out on December 13 confirming receipt of the feature request and that it was shared with our team, but that we cannot guarantee that a particular feature will be included in a future release.  You can learn more about our feature request process here: 


You'll want to check your junk or spam folder for an email from Support@articulate.com to ensure that our emails are going through to you. 

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