Modify the timeline

Is it possible to modify the timeline depending on variables?

I have a slide where objects appear depending on the timeline, to view all the objects in the slide, following the audio, can take 2 minutes, but maybe the user after spending that time in that slide, wants to come back after some time to the same slide, he does not need to wait the 2 minutes to see all the objects in that slide, so I would like to save in a variable that the user already have seen completely the slide and then show all the objects at once.

Writing my question I have thought in a possible solution, copy my base layer in a new layer, showing all the objects at once if the variable defined is true.

If you have any other solution I will thank you!!!

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Tom Kuhlmann

Another option to consider is instead of having objects appear staggered on the timeline, have them always visible, but start with them in a hidden state until timeline reaches X.

That allows you to use a variable to make them all visible based on a specific condition and you're not tied to the timeline at all.