Modules lost. Just blank on network/hard drive AND DropBox!!!

Nov 12, 2012

What gives? I have tried saving my work with multiple copies in several places. How does it disappear from everywhere all at once!? I don't sleep for recreating my work time and time again. I am saving to DropBox and Network and Desktop to no avail. I can't take this anymore. My VP is beyond ticked and frankly so am I. I am about to swear off Storyline because I cannot tolerate this!!!

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Geert De Rycke

Hi Catherine,

It's very misterious...

Have you checked the log files, they are in AppData\Local\Articulate, sometime they contain a reason why an action failed.

Could it be that there is a company policy on file extension that prevent Stroyline from saving.

Could it be that there are filters set so that files with certain exension can not be seen in the directory ?

Do you have administrator rights on your local drive? Perhaps an IT policy doesn't allow you to read from that directory

Try creating a new storyline project and try saving it to your local drive, physically check when you click save the file is written.



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