Jul 06, 2012

Can I set the number of attempts of the quiz questions? If so, when i scorm it and send to Moodle, can i have the media from the scores?

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Alan Santos

Phil Mayor said:

You should really set attempts in moodle, not sure what you mean by media.  You can get the results and answers

Sorry by if i didnt make it clear, my native language is not english. What I meant was the average score. For example:

I have a quiz with 3 attempts. In the first one i socred 100, on the second 50, and on the third 100. So the moodle get the average score.

Phil Mayor

Alan I think we may be talking at crossed points here.  Those settings will allow you to open the course three times and moodle will create an avreage based on the three attempts.

If you want three attempts within one course you may be best to set up three quizes with three results pages and then add a results of results pages.  The problem here is if one person passes the quiz first time they will still need to take it again 2 more times.  This is beacuse you can only report one results slide.

The moodle way is the best way to get three attempts only, just set storyline to one attempt only on the quiz and then set 3 attempt and an average in moodle as I discussed above.  Often one tool will not do what you want so you need to use a combination to get your results

Phil Mayor

Chris Elkin said:

Hi Alan

You might want to check out this article

Hope this helps!


Chris, thanks for thjis, but you would need to set the course to forced resume for this to work, otherwise each time it was loaded in Moodle you would get all your attempts again.  To truly limit the number of attempts you need to use LMS functionality, luckily Moodle 2.0 onwards has this built in

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