Moodle LMS - Retry Quiz

We have a long course that has a 10 question quiz.  If a learner fails, we post "incomplete" to the LMS.  Retry quiz works in every LMS we've installed on except Moodle.

Moodle requires that the learner exit the course, start over without the "resume where you left off" forcing the learner to re-take the course.  If the learner fails and logs "incomplete" a second time, the process repeats.

So I think I have a solution... remove the trigger that submits results on the base layer and paste it on the success layer.

At issue is whether Moodle will be happy with the quiz question results which are reported every time a quiz is answered.  

Time will tell.  Anyone out there with a tried and true solution?


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Dan Marsden

Are you using a recent supported version of Moodle?

I would guess that the re-entry to your SCORM is happening in review mode which is why the behaviour isn't matching. The default behaviour of Moodle can be slightly different to the SCORM Cloud in some areas - these FAQ's could be useful to be aware of:

Sam Carter

Hi Dan,

Not my LMS and I don't see a version ID anywhere.  I am 100% sure it is Moodle as the html source has Moodle everywhere and the customer identifies the LMS as Moodle. So... version ignorance aside let me move on.

This problem hasn't anything to do with re-entry if you mean exiting the course and launching it again to resume where you left off.  This is a single run through the course... failing the quiz first, then passing the quiz.  The result slide reports failed to Moodle and the subsequent report of "passed" is ignored by Moodle.  Apparently this is standard Moodle behavior.

I realize that a learner can repeat the entire course by exiting and re-launching with a "start over" option, but our goal is to allow the learner to just re-take the quiz.

We haven't found a way to achieve this on the Moodle LMS.


Dan Marsden

you should verify they are using a current supported release - Moodle can be downloaded and installed by anyone but unfortunately that means they might have downloaded it many years ago, installed it and never updated it. You could try your SCORM package on a free MoodleCloud account ( and see if it works there. Also good to be aware that Moodle only officially supports SCORM 1.2.

Moodle also has a good SCORM debugger:

I'd suggest you enable that and post the debug log when you have attempted to make the SCORM work with the multiple quiz attempts in the moodle community forums on asking for help.

Trisha Rodriguez

A bit late here but I'm replying for those who are looking for a possible solution.

I encountered the same exact problem, I was exporting in SCORM 1.2 and uploaded that in Moodle. What seemed to fix it for me was doing the following:

  1. Published to SCORM 2004, 4th ed. Report status is Passed/Incomplete
  2. Edit settings of module in Moodle and set it to  Activity Completion > Show activity as compelte when conditions are met  > Passed (checked) > Completed (checked)

I tested and learners are now able to go back to where they left off (e.g. the Retry Quiz slide), and their newest score gets recorded by Moodle.

Trisha Rodriguez

Even though it says that SCORM 2004 isn't supported on Moodle, it seems to be the only setting that worked in my case. I've tried multiple configurations with SCORM 1.2 but nothing worked.

But then again, I don't have any complicated navigation and sequencing features in my course. >> "SCORM 2004 is not supported in Moodle. Parts of the API have been implemented, but others such as Navigation and Sequencing have not."