More Counter-Intuitivity in Storyline

Dec 16, 2022

Can someone tell me why an icon only featured inside the normal state of an object is also appearing in the other states? This should be fairly simple and straightforward, no? I only include objects in states when I want them to appear in that state. What's the point of this feature if there are certain objects that carry over from state to state? How do I fix what I would assume is a simple and easily fixable issue?

Note: I can't upload an example, per company policy

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Edward Agadjanian

Cannot upload any attachments. 

Also, a new issue has surfaced. I tried copy and pasting a scrolling panel with text inside, and it just messed up everything inside to the point where I can't simply and conveniently adjust it. I have to create more text and another scrolling panel from scratch. Impeccable stuff.