Why can't I remove text and objects between states??

Sep 02, 2022

So, is there a reason why I can't, for example, change the text from white to black in different states? When I switch from Normal to Selected for instance, the white text still sticks around and I get black text on top of white text. Why doesn't Storyline recognize that the white text was only meant for the Normal state and that I only want the black text in the Selected state? Same thing with objects that I only want to appear in specific states. 

I did make sure to only insert the objects in text when I'm editing the Normal state or others. I also have tried to group the objects, text, and base together to see if that would allow me to customize it more fluidly, but I can't change states when things are grouped. So, I'm not quite sure why the objects stay around, no matter what. 

Has anyone else had issues with this?

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