Hover State / Visited State Issue

Feb 13, 2016

Hi Folks,

I'm running into an odd issue with the Hover State and hope you can offer some guidance!

For each of my shapes, I have three states set.

  1. Normal: medium green background, white text
  2. Hover: dark green background, white text
  3. Visited: light green background, black text

When I initially preview my story, normal state is presented and hover works perfectly. However, after I interact with it, hover state shows the (correct) dark green background, but with the black text from the visited state. 

It's somewhat hard to explain, so I've attached is my story for reference (please note that only the first three squares (character, character nature, and main character) are active.  Thank you!!

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Walt Hamilton

The built-in hover state is hardwired to overlay the current state of an object. If the object is in normal, visited, or selected state, that state will show through the hover state. If you want something different, you can create states with custom names, and write triggers to change the shape to whichever custom state you want. I didn't look at it, but I suspect that is what Bret did.

This behavior is written into SL, and there aren't any changes you can make to the hover state that will change it. Your only option is custom states and variables, and triggers.

Yvette Li

I believe the Hover State reserves the properties such as text from the Normal State. You can simply duplicate what you have in Hover State, delete the original Hover State object, and then put the duplicated one to the right position. This way, Storyline won't recognize the object on Hover state as an inheritance of Normal State, but a new object. Hope this helps.

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