Hover State retaining Normal State

Jul 10, 2014


I have an interaction where three people fly in to the stage. All three have hover states to display a text bubble, but only one character seems to have issues with the Hover state. When rolled over, the Normal state character style remains in the background of the Hover state (different poses). I have tried rebuilding the character, but each time the Hover state has this issue. I tried creating a new state, and calling it RolledOver, but on when the mouse rolls away, the character disappears all together.

I'm attaching a screenshot of the Hover state where the Normal state is in the background for reference.

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Phil Havlik

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for the response. I think the cause is related to the shadow on the character graphic. I removed the shadow, and the normal state went away on rollover. That said, my team's graphic artist removed it on her local copy and said her version still contains the previously mentioned issue. I have also noticed a slight lag for the middle character in particular.

I'll still post this anyway with the hope there's something else I'm missing that can resolve it all once and for all. The issue seems to surround that one character. Who knows! Thanks again!

David Price

I know this is a really old article but I have just come across this issue in 360.  Is there a reason why the normal state shows under the hover state, or is this STILL a bug?  Why should hover be an "additive" state and not function like a custom state and be able to be something completely different?

I have managed to get round it by using Phil's workaround, but this is extra work that I shouldn't really have to do.

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