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Feb 22, 2016

I am making some headway, but need to understand if an issue I am running into is normal so I can then modify my workflow as needed.  I have successfully imported my video rich Powerpoint into Storyline2.  Unfortunately, none of the video edits that were executed in Powerpoint are importing to my Storyline project.  If this is a limitation of the import, I will move forward differently and add video in SL2 instead of Powerpoint on the next project, but I wanted to make sure there isn't a workaround or a setting I can change to make it work as executed in my Powerpoint for my current project.

I am also noting that I cannot trim or "edit" my video clips that were imported. Is this also normal? I am recording myself on my webcam, so It captures my walk in and walk back etc. In Powerpoint, I edited this out using the trim tool inside the program. When I import the powerpoint into SL, that trim is lost. It now appears I also have lost the ability to trim my video post import in SL. Thanks in advance!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Allie -- I thought I would touch base and share some sample files that put together to see if I am able to replicate the issue you are experiencing. In my Powerpoint, I used the steps here to Add a Video to the slide, and then these directions to edit or trim the video. I then added an image to overlap the video, and right clicked and selected "Bring to Front" and when I previewed, all was well. 

I will say, when I imported my Powerpoint file into Storyline, as you can see the edits on the video held, but the image is now behind the video instead of in front as it has been in the PPT. I would imagine this could be avoided by placing the image next to the video instead of on top of it. 

Please check out the files I have attached, and again, if you an please create your Presenter Package and then upload using this form, I'd be happy to check it out. 

Christie Pollick

Sounds great, Allie, to make things a bit easier on you, I can go ahead and create a ticket on your behalf. I will assign it to myself, so please just follow the few steps outlined here for creating your Articulate Package, and then reply to the email that I'll send from within your case. There will be an upload link, and all you'll need to do is add your zipped package from there! 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Allie -- Just wanted to touch base and let you know that your case #00740624 has been created, and you should have received a confirmation email in your inbox, as well as a follow up email from me including the upload link. If you have not received either message, please check your SPAM or junk folder as they may have been routed there in error. :)

Allie Marino

Thanks so much Christie.  Also- I am just now uploading those files you asked for.  Instead of using the old one, I  just threw together a new one using some slides on a new presentation I am working on.  I felt that would minimize the quantity factor on the other sample we were looking at.  I did check it, and it  is throwing me the same issues, so it's apples-to-apples in terms of comparing and trouble shooting the issue.   Thanks again for all your help on this.  While the most ideal circumstance would be direct import from PowerPoint to SL and maintenence of all the same aspects from Powerpoint over to my presentation, it simply may not be realistic (I am going to look at your files you sent me next, so maybe that will shed light on my work-flow).   I am doing another approach at the suggestion of  my Center for Teaching and Learning support staff (they are trying to hep me vet process along with all the many variables we may encounter when getting the content into Canvas).  I think I am likely to get a solution if I do the following:

1-  design the PowerPoint with Photos ONLY then import to Articulate.

2- create my edits in an independent editor then import into Articulate directly.

3- redesign my instruction to provide side by side photo/video instead of overlaying the photo on top of the video.  

The most important thing for me is to go full speed today trying to pull some of that off and see if I get a considerably better end result.  Before I jump in, I will review the files you attached above and keep an eye out for a response from the case # you created.  Fingers crossed!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Allie -- Thanks for sharing your new file via case #00740702, and in order to streamline things a bit and alleviate confusion, I went ahead and closed case #00740624, as there were no files associated with that ticket. I will reply solely to your new case instead after I take a look at what you've provided, and we'll continue our correspondence from within your case via email just so that everything is consolidated. Many thanks again! 


Allie Marino

More questions.  The ticket you submitted along with a late night running multiple tests scenarios gave me the answers I needed on my last question and I proceeded with my SL2 trial.  Thanks so much for the help.  In SL2, the workflow solution I detailed above does seem to be the best approach in the event you get the same question again (except #3).  If I put video in using SL instead of PowerPoint then move the photo in front using SL, all edits are maintained AND I can move the photo front.  For anyone wanting to use video clips in their design, I would recommend doing it directly in SL.  

In the mean time, I just created my first quiz using SL2.  There was a pretty sharp learning curve for me on that one, but I got it accomplished.  I am now waiting for my technical support person to help me import those products into my Canvas LMS tomorrow to have a live class test them out this week to see how well they play together. 

Two things I need to remind you of before I ask my questions:  1-  I am a teacher learning the instructional design end of this so I can create materials for my students (design in not my job, just a small sliver of my job) 2- I am either making a purchase of SL2 or upgrading my Studio '09 suite to '13.  For me right now, I am simply trying to make the decision between the two products.   I feel I have a good idea of what SL2 can do for me, and I realize it's potential for endless design creativity.  That said, for will require more time commitment to get it to do what I want.  This does not scare me, however... I already have one course designed using Studio '09 so I would need to redesign much of that  entire class if I change to SL2.  I need to make sure my decision gives me the best juice for the squeeze.  

I already burnt up my Studio '13 trial, but only tested quizmaker and engage during my 30 days.  I am now wondering how Presenter '13 might do at handling the instructional piece of my content  as compared to SL2.  I have never used the '09 Presenter before.  Can you tell me if Presenter '13 will handle video in much the same way as SL2?  If I open my Powerpoints into Presenter '13 will the existing video work as it does in Powerpoint, or would I need to delete them and re-instert them using the Presenter video tool?  Would I anticipate the same quality of output on Presenter '13 as I have with SL2?

Thanks again. 


Christie Pollick

Hi, Allie -- Thanks so much for your reply and for your additional questions! I'm not sure if I understand exactly what you are asking when you say "Can you tell me if Presenter '13 will handle video in much the same way as SL2?", but upgrading from Presenter '09 to '13 should be relatively seamless. Please see this information for a side-by-side comparison of both Presenter products, and hopefully that will help make your decision. :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allie,

If you need additional time with the trial, you may want to reach out to our team here so that they can determine your specific needs. Happy to figure out what else we can do to help! 

If you're adding videos into Presenter, you'll want to ensure you're following the steps here from the Presenter ribbon. If you had added the videos in Presenter 09, they'll be upgraded into the Presenter 13 interface. 

Allie Marino

You already have been so helpful.  I can't thank you both enough.  I would like to see how my materials work in Presenter '13 since it's the only part of the suite I have never used and in light of my new development work, is probably an "essential" component to realize the goals of my instructional design.    I did not realize this until our efforts to load my powerpoints into our LMS were a total fail.  I think SCORM packaging is our best hope at getting a professional delivery of my instruction out to my students online.  

Christie, the reason for that question is that since I have not used Presenter '09 before, I won't even know if it's "seamless".  I only have SL2 to compare in terms of the workflow and end results.  I like the ease along with the collection of tools I can use directly in SL2.  I use a ton of video content and find that feature saves me time and gives me added flexibility.  I just hope Presenter will do the same.   My best bet is to probably see if I can get a few days more to try out Presenter 13.  Thanks again for your replies and for the links.  I will review them thoroughly and hope I find the "thing" that will make this an easy decision for me.  I will check back only if I need more help specifically on SL or Studio.  Thanks again!

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