Motion Path

Apr 29, 2019

I have a multi-step motion path to reach a certain destination, each motion path leads to a separate layer, with a question, if they get it right it moves and wrong it doesn't. How do I make the motion path start from the beginning if they get the first 2 questions wrong, instead of starting from the coinciding point?

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Jamie Billingham

Thanks for that Tom !

I have a similar (in some ways) interactive quiz that I've been stuck on for a few days. It's for work (branded) so I can't upload it publicly. I could send the file if anyone has time to help with it.

I'm using both a graded quiz and motion paths triggered by variables that change based on answering questions correctly.

In a nutshell, some triggers to move the car work great while others jump instead of gliding gracefully down the road. They all look the same though so am stuck trying to find the hidden differences. 

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