Motion path exit

Aug 29, 2022

Hello there, sorry to be a n00b. I have an object that travels on a motion path early on in the timeline. When the timelines resumes, how do I get the same object to go back along that path the way it came? Can I add multiple motion paths to the same object?

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Walt Hamilton
You're welcome. PIAWYC  (Pass it along when you can). 
For anyone else that needs it, here is the process to duplicate a motion path.
Click the Animations tab.
Select the motion path you want by clicking it, or the red or green dot at its end.Choose a way to duplicate it:
Press Ctrl - D (for Duplicate)
Press Ctrl-C (for copy), and Ctrl-V (for Velcro, or paste without glue :})
Right click and choose Copy, right click and choose paste