Motion path goes back to starting point - Storyline 360

Aug 04, 2022


I am creating a floating-up effect for a circle and then once the circle floats up and lands at the end of the motion path, the user can click it to go to a new layer to see more information.  The issue that I'm having is if a user just starts clicking around, the circle/s start back at their initial motion path point.

Thanks !!!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Carrie,

I had trouble recreating the issue, but I did finally get it to happen. I think it's related to your custom "Hoverr" states.

I don't know why you used a custom state for a hover effect. The built-in Hover state will function automatically without the need for any triggers. (The built-in Selected and Visited states also provide some automatic functionality.)  

I also noticed that you used a custom state called "Hidden." That's unnecessary, too. You can trigger any object to be Hidden without having a special state for that. 

By the way, rather than having to hide the initial instructions that appear on the slide, I find it's easier to put the  content on its own layer and show that layer when the timeline starts. Then that content will automatically be hidden when another layer is shown. 

This is all in the attached edited version of your file.

BTW, I also suggest you shorten all the animations. As a user, I find it quite frustrating to have to wait so long for buttons and content to appear.


Hi Judy,

You are awesome!!!!!  It works.  

I took a class that told us to create our own states and to never use the built-in ones because they glitch.  From now on, I will only be using the built-in states.  

Thank you for the tips!!  They are soooo helpful.  


Walt Hamilton

The main reason built-in states glitch is creating triggers that duplicate their built-in function. Otherwise, they are generally pretty reliable. The main reason for using Custom states is the limited scope and lack of flexibility of the built-in states.

In other words, if left alone, they are pretty good at what they do, but sometimes you just have to create your own.