Motion Paths...Cannot find this feature...

May 26, 2014

I assume that Storyline does not include a motion path feature (allowing the user to plot the path of an object to move to different points on the screen), is this correct?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jack and Marko,

Storyline doesn't currently support motion paths. However, we’re building very powerful animation capabilities for a future release. Be sure to subscribe to the Articulate Word of Mouth Blog to receive notifications when new updates and features are released. 

In the meantime, you may be able to simulate motion paths, using either of the following options:

  • Create several duplicate copies of the object that you want to move along a path, and place them at various points along that path. Then use animations to fade each object in and out, one after the other, to create the impression of movement.
  • If you have PowerPoint 2010 or later, create your motion path in PowerPoint the way you want it to appear. Then save the presentation as a video, and insert the resulting video into Storyline. (In PowerPoint 2010, go toFile > Save & Send > Create a Video. In PowerPoint 2013, go to File > Export > Create a Video.)

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