Motion Paths moving

I have created a snakes and ladders game where if the player lands at the bottom of a ladder the user double click in the square and the object is supposed to move up the motion path to the top of the square and same with a snake to move down.


The problem is when I preview the slide the motion paths appear in a totally different location. In edit mode the motion paths are where they should be and I am not sure what to do. I have only applied motion path to the Ladder and snake in the bottom left hand corner .


can anyone please help


Thanks in advance


I have attached the file for any one to look at and advise PLEASE!!

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Ron Price

I am not 100% sure if I understand the dilemma, but it looks like you have created the motion path off of the object, predicting where the item will be when the motion needs to happen.  You may want to consider moving that motion back onto the item and then under effect options select relative start point.  This will allow the motion to happen from whatever location the the item happens to be at the time.

Hope that helps.

Richard Hill

Hi Linda,   It looks like your moving the donut at certain points ( dragging it over on dice roll I think)  ...   However the motion on the donut needs to be at it's center most point, and you need the path option pull down for each animation you add to the donut to be "Relative Start Point".   

What's currently happening is that your donut animation is moving and adjusting to it's own displacement when it's dragged, which essentially will offset it if its ever moved.   It seems counter intuitive, but by placing the animation dead square on the donut itself (instead of the foot of the ladder or mouth of snake) you will ensure that it will move with the object.  

I've moved the ladder and added relative start point for you.    You can do the same with the snake by selecting the animated dotted line and use your arrow keys to get the green dot in the center of your donut.  If you have trouble centering it perfectly hold down ctrl and arrows to fine tune it.  

Linda Brown

Hi Ron and Richard

Thanks for your help but it is still in the wrong place so I have abandoned the idea of a motion path and will just let the user move the donut manually when they get to the bottom of the steps or head of the snakes.


Again thanks for speedy response and your help