Motion Paths Triggered by Four Radio Buttons

Jan 30, 2015


I am watching the motion paths tutorial, specifically the one with the heart moving up and down the stairs.  I am noticing that this movement is controlling the motions paths by two buttons: one for upward movement, the other for downward movement.  I would like to create a similar animation but I would want the heart to move by clicking four distinct buttons: buttons 1-4 respectively.  The idea is that when the user clicks button 1 it would move the heart onto the staircase and also trigger a designated layer, when the user clicks button 2, it would move the heart on step up (from last position) while triggering its own designated layer, and so on for buttons 3 and 4.  How can I do this?  Also, can I reverse this motion path by clicking the buttons in reverse order after I've clicked all four moving upwards?

Hope it's not too confusing.  Thanks,

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Jacquii Leveine

Thank you so much for responding Michael.  I ended up adding a new image and motion path to three different layers and triggering the layers with the radio buttons.  This allowed me to change text and characters along with motion path changes.

Thanks for the additional examples.  My creative wheels are turning :-)..

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