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Jul 15, 2015

Hi all,

Not sure if this is correct forum.

I have developed a course in SL2 with screen recordings of a new software package we are bringing onto our business. I have mixed in 'Try Mode' and 'View Mode' recordings and when publishing it is failing due to the output path being over 256 characters. I am saving to a network drive, with our team folder buried under a few layers of folders (which I have no control over). I have tried to reduce the folder name characters, but it is still failing.

When I investigated what is causing the issue specifically I found that when a 'View Mode' screen recording is used, a mouse click sound file is generated in the story_content folder which has a reduculous amount of characters (e.g. MouseClickSound_5079b791-7c18-43ba-8e0e-832282deb8f9_22050_56.mp3). To work around this I am saving to my desktop, but am unable to copy the generated course folder to our team folder (able to copy the generated .zip SCORM package, so all is not lost!)

I am wondering if this is an issue for anyone else, and if this could be picked up by the development team to look into. I am not sure the reasons around the length of this file name, but if it could be reduced, it would sort out this problem.



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Emily Ruby

Hi Andrew,

We always recommend saving and publishing to your Local C drive. Using a network drive is know to cause issues with the program. See here for details. As far as the file path characters, publishing does add characters to the paths, but the above one you mentions is well below the 260 character minimum. If you are having trouble moving to your network drive, you may want to reach out to your IT team for assistance.

Andrew Chalmers


Thanks for the reply. I think publishing to my local desktop is the best solution and I have been doing this, but saving the final version is required on our network for compliance. I understand that the single file I mentioned in my original post is well below the 256 character minimum, but when you add on the path to my teams courses folder on the network, as well as that file name length, it exceeds this requirement.

Anyway, thanks for the response, I was just trying to understand the requirement of that file to have such a large number of characters. We will need to rely on the generated SCORM .zip file as our version control.

Cheers :-)

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