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Omar Marrero

Same here.
I set a mouse cursor to appear and glide over to a point and then click. It works and looks great but even though the duration is only a few seconds, the mouse remains for the duration of the slide. Why?

I need the cursor to respect it's time on the timeline and gracefully disappear when no longer needed!  

A solution would be appreciated, thanks!

Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Elena!

Are you able to provide some additional details about when this happens and what content you're using? If you'd like, you're welcome to submit your sample or original file with our support team for testing using the link below.

Articulate Support - Submit a Support Case


Meryem M


The behavior of the mouse cursor confused me at first as well.  It does not behave on the timeline like other objects. 

As best as I can figure it out the duration on the timeline is the duration of the mouse MOVEMENT.  But, once you insert the mouse on the slide, it stays there.  And if you also insert a mouse onto the next slide, it's starting place is where it ended up on the last slide.

If you think about it, this makes sense for the way we are used to seeing the cursor on our screens.  As I type this, there is a little arrow over on the side near the last place I clicked.  I don't notice it at all and actually see right past it.  I would not expect my cursor arrow to disappear after I click something.  On the next screen it starts where it ended up on the last screen. 

So the arrow on my screen is always on my screen.  The only time I care about it is when I am moving it.  And the only time your SL timeline cares about the mouse cursor is when there is movement.  That movement duration is what shows up on the timeline. 

It took me a bit to get used to the way SL mouse cursor works.  But now I like it because the finished product seems so natural.

Elena Ivanova

Thank you Christine. I have opened the case.
@Meryem.  Thank you, Meryem
I have figured out that the duration of the mouse relates to the movement, but  unfortunately such behavior  does not fit my purpose. I do not have any slide transitions, I just want the mouse cursor to appear, click and disappear.
I can trick the software with having 3 slides instead of one, but I was hoping for an easier solution.

Crystal Horn

Hi, Beth. Unlike other Storyline objects, the beginning and ending of a cursor's movement is controlled by the timeline, not the appearance and disappearance of the cursor itself. This user guide article gives more detail about working with mouse cursors.

While we don't have immediate plans to change how mouse cursors work, we are tracking the customer impact of this feature request to help us with planning!

Ina Draijer

Hi everyone,

I'm all for being able to hide the mouse cursor as well. I sometimes have to delete slides in my step by step recordings, which causes the mouse cursor to "suddenly change position" when continuing to the next slide - needless to say, that's not exactly visually appealing.
My current workaround is duplicating slides and simply deleting the cursor on that duplicated slide.

Darlene Curry

I would like to jump on the bandwagon. I was so excited when I discovered the mouse feature (the timing, the clicking, the direction….), but my bubble soon deflated when I realized that it would not respect the timeline (disappear). As such, I am not using it. I hope there can be a resolution soon. I really do love your products.

Ted Nguyen

Here's what I did to hide it.
1. Move the mouse cursor between two duplicate of the same image. One will be a thumbnail of a video in my example.
I use it for setting up the mouse movement / click etc.

2. Then adjust the video to appear over the top at the time where the mouse click starts. When you play the slide, you will not see the mouse from the under layer. If you decide to add a fade out of the video. You can add a white box on a layer on top of the cursor to hide when the video fade out.