Mouse Cursor - Needs More Features and Control

Jul 26, 2019

I would like more control over the manually inserted Mouse movement.

  • Control the start point and end-point independently. Maybe even choose an exact location of the start and end via Size and Position. 
  • Choose the size and color of the cursor like end-points on a line can be changed.
  • Change the length of the path - the default is far too travels the entire length of the screen.
  • Change the length of the path without changing the speed...enter slowly and smoothly no matter if it's 2 seconds or 10 seconds.
  • Have it change from the arrow to the finger when it hovers over the target.
  • Change the size, color and shape of the Click Effect.
  • I'm also not able to fade it in when I want it to show on screen(?) I don't want the arrow to be on screen while describing a feature. It should fade on after I've explained and then called the need for action.

Is any of this possible now OR does anyone have a work-around?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Doug, 

Thanks for reaching out and sharing the features that you would like to see for the mouse cursor.

You mentioned that you were manually adding this item, so I wasn't sure if you'd considered using an icon and a motion path for a bit more control and customization.

Here is some documentation on motion paths and I've attached a very rough example.

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