Mouse-over grow a button

Oct 25, 2013

 Hello Everyone 

I'm wondering if someone could help me achieve something. I'm trying to make a button (made of a .png image) that will grow slightly when you hover the mouse over it. I currently have it set up so that it changes the state of the button when the mouse is hovered over it (the hover state is slightly larger than the normal state) which works great, but lacks sophistication. It jumps from one size to the next...I would much prefer the button to grow in smoother more animated fashion. Is this possible in storyline? 



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Sarah MacDonald

Unfortunately building a .swf wont work, due to the fact that the graphic will be used as a button. When using a .swf with a trigger to-lets say- move to another page, Storyline will only recognize the click when you click on transparent areas of the swf. If you click on a solid area, nothing happens. A  very unfortunate issue with Storyline. I hope that in the future releases of Storyline, .swf files will be able to be used in the same way as other graphics! (clicks, states, mouse overs etc) 

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