Hover over in grouped objects

Aug 17, 2016

I have a set of grouped objects that animate onto my page. One of these objects is a button and when I hover my mouse over it it gets slightly bigger. However, when I hover over the other grouped objects the button seems to get slightly bigger also. Why is this happening and how can I fix? Thanks.

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Julie Stelter

Hi Brian,

If I understand you correctly, you don't wan the button to be larger at any point. If this is correct, see if there is a hover state on the individual button which makes the button larger. Ungroup, remove the hover from the button and regroup. Let us know if this works.



Brian McSkane

Hi Julie,

Thanks for your quick reply. I do want a hover over effect on the button only when I hover over the button and not when I hover over any of the grouped items which is what currently happens). I have animation on the grouped objects so am afraid of ungrouping as I could lose this. Is there any way of restricting the hover over to the object which it was intended?

Thanks, Brian

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

If you group a set of objects, although they can have different states they'll behave together in terms of animations and hover or similar. So that explains what you're seeing, in terms of a hover all together - but the hover shouldn't make it a larger item unless you set it to do so. Do you want to share the .story file here with us to take a look? 

Also in terms of hotspots, they are not accessible, but a transparent shape would be and behave similarly with the ability for accessibility, states, etc. 

Jack Gayler

I'm experiencing the same thing. I have a group, inside the group are two buttons which sit on a rectangle object. When I hover anywhere over the group, both buttons change to their 'hover' state.

Is there anyway to make it so, when in a group, only the button I hover over is set to it's 'hover' state?

Lauren Connelly

 Hi Jack! 

Unfortunately, what you are running into is an issue we've logged as a software bug where the entire group of objects changes to the hover state rather than the specific object that is being hovered over. I have added your comments to our report to update you when we release a fix. The workaround is to use individual objects rather than a group of objects.

Walt Hamilton

I disagree with both jack and Lauren. The purpose of creating a group is that all the elements will act as one. If you want individual actions, you want individual objects. If you want a number of objects to act together, you want a group.

In my opinion, you do not want a group in SL, as they do not play nicely with states or triggers.  Pretty much you can use groups, or you can have triggers and states that work, but not both.