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Matthew Bibby

Sorry Elizabeth, I never use markers, so didn't realise that you couldn't move the text box freely.  (It's due to issues like this that I avoid them!)

I'd suggest that you submit a feature request so Articulate know that this is important to you. Sorry I couldn't me of more assistance. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Elizabeth,

As Matthew mentioned you can't move it "freely" but you should be able to rotate it around the marker itself, and it'll go to specific locations (think of it like positions on a clock). There currently isn't a way to change that set up, so a feature request is the way to go! Although you could replicate the pulse/swirl set up of a marker easily, you could use your own custom/built in shape and then set up triggers when hovered or clicked to show a new text box in the position you desire. It's a bit more steps than just inserting a standard marker - but if you really need it in a particular location that may server you better.

Best of luck with the rest of your project!