Move to a certain slide if object is in a certain place

Nov 02, 2022

I'm trying to make a drag and drop activity where you'll be able to drag 6 statements into rankings and I want a certain slide to show depending on the statement in the 1st place ranking. 

My triggers are currently this:


I've got the 1stplace Does anyone else know how to get this to work, as I want them to complete the ranking and click a submit button to be able to move onto their suggested slide based on the 1st ranked statement.

I've have also tried these triggers: 

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Walt Hamilton

Try to changing 1stplace to a number variable.

Then Adjust variable set 1stplace to 1 when user drops rectangle 1 on rectangle 4

And Adjust variable set 1stplace to 2 when user drops rectangle 2 on rectangle 4, etc

Then Jump to slide 1.3 Donate when user clicks Submit if value of 1stplace = 1, etc